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Do certain Foods Cause Your Pain?

Did you know that certain foods can cause certain people to experience pain that is often mis-diagnosed as arthritis and treated as such?

Nightshade vegetables are potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.               When people who have type-A blood eat these vegetables, they may experience an inflammatory response that mimics arthritis.  The manifestation may be characterized by severe pain, swelling, tingling, and limited range of motion.  Some people are more sensitive to one or two of these vegetables than they are to others.

If your blood type is A, stop eating these vegetables for two weeks and see if the pain goes away.  If it does, then eat one of the vegetables and see if the pain returns.  If the pain returns, avoid that vegetable.   Repeat this step with each of the Nightshade Vegetables to determine how your body responds.

These four vegetables are beloved by many of us and they are incorporated into many recipes.  For example, you may need to avoid everything that contains potatoes and  potato starch and this may be difficult if you like potato chips, french fries, potato salad, potato soup,  potato bread, corned beef hash, and the list goes on and on and on.  Never-the-less, you may have the ability to completely avoid joint pain and invasive treatments like surgery by simply modifying your diet.  Now that you know, what should you do?

1.  If you do not know your blood type, start by getting this information.

2.  If you have blood type A, avoid all Nightshade Vegetables for 2 weeks then systematically re-introduce them one by one and make note of your reaction to them.

3.  Do a keyword search on Nightshades, read, learn, and understand what your options are.    

You will be able to decide if that serving or eggplant parmesan, or lasagna, or potato salad is worth the pain, you will finally be in control.

Note:  Sweet Potatoes and yams are not Nightshade Vegetables so enjoy them as often as you choose.


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